The Content

More powerful than
Medusa, I sap men of their
Man leaving boys who must learn to grow anew.
I have left mewling lambs in my wake.

I can only
Speculate of their transformation.
Philomela traveled to hell to achieve flight.

Will his full lips turn down, betraying his unaffected front?
Will his brown eyes, lightened by Wisdom and Time, momentarily fill with water?
Will his smooth shoulders, grown leanly Herculean with age, hunch forward defeated?
Or will he beg for that which once made him whole?

Fully Realize

We are firmly rooted.
We are complete.
We are part God.
We can fight oppression.
We will find the content.


One thought on “The Content

  1. content (n) – peace of mind, mental or emotional satisfaction, contentedness.

    This is the examination of an intimate relationship between a man and woman–the exact moment when this woman mentally decides to take control of the relationship and sever their connection. She speculates on how her strong and wise man will react. I suggest that we can move beyond this. It is not about control, it must be more than that for “we are firmly rooted…” etc.

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