Aesthetic Science

Anthropometry is poetry justified of the Rossetti style (Jenny is a woman and Jenny is a whore).

Symmetry enfleshed is the numerical reduction of corporeal material.

The measurement of a man rapes and infantilizes the beauty of a woman.

And now we are forced into CARNAL ART, the new avant-garde of a cyborgian generation.

Still there is hope for us…

Beyond the suffocating borders that house like sweatshops, there are meadows of nonrace, lakes of nonsex, and skies of nonclass.

The future is homogenously beautiful and the never-before-achieved UTOPIA is a certainty.

The DISEMBODIMENT of our minds is the liberation of our souls.

beyond the encumbrance of mortality
beyond the myth of original sin
beyond –isms and Manifestos
beyond the egoistic (I)

And now we are the perfect NATION, unaware of our differences and ignorant of our possibilities.

The aesthetic is a program and woman is calmly racked numerically, by chip number, in storage files.


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